The climate in Oklahoma allows growth of high quality
grapes.  At Whispering Vines, our family and friends hand
pick and specifically select the grapes for our wines.  
Only the best grapes are selected to make the wine we
sell.  We have a highly trained vineyard manager, Dean
Riesen that works year round caring for the vines.  We
have two vineyards, one at the winery and one at our
home in the Keystone Lake area.  We invite you to come
visit Whispering Vines, walk through the vineyard and
taste our fine wines; we know you will enjoy.  

The award winning master winemaker at Whispering
Vines uses only the highest quality grapes.  Inspired by
the artistic approach to winemaking and the natural
characteristics of the grapes, Dean allows his palate to
guide him in the taste of the wines that our friends and
family have grown to love and we know you will enjoy.

Come visit us in the tasting room and gift shop which you
will be greeted by Doreen Riesen, our winery operations
manager and vineyard analyst.  Doreen’s goal is to make
your experience in the winery fun, memorable and
enjoyable; broadening your taste for fine wines; escorting
you on an educational tour deep into the production of
our wines.  In the gift shop we will work hard to find
something for everyone.

Whispering Vines is family ran and operated; your winery
experience will also allow you to meet our son,
consultant and wine connoisseur David, and wife,
Adrienne.  David and Adrienne assist in making your
winery visit an experience through their hard work in the
daily operations and tasting room enjoyment.  Third
generation family members are our granddaughters.  
They even make sure there are no dull moments. Look for
them to grow and mature in the wine industry.

The winery operations manager and vineyard analyst,
Doreen Riesen, and award winning master winemaker
and vineyard manager, Dean Riesen have worked for
years preparing the vineyards for the opening of the
winery.  Since 2002, family and friends have been
enjoying the wine they’ve made; with the opening of the
winery everyone can come, taste, enjoy and purchase old
family recipes.

The entire Whispering Vines family hopes you will come
and visit us at the vineyard and winery.

Please enjoy the web site and remember we are always
“Blending Wine & Friends”
Whispering Vines
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