Red Wine Listing

Cabernet Sauvignon
A dry wine, offering an intense smooth, full-bodied texture, a hearty
flavor boasting with an aroma of blackberry, toasted oak and spice.  
Accompany with red meats, wild game, strong cheeses, walnuts and
pecans.                                                                                14.99

A dry wine aged in oak offering an earthy-mature velvet-smooth
finish; an excellent enjoyment to the palate.  Aromas of black cherry,
chocolate, plum and herbs make this an enjoyable and flavorful
dinner wine.  Accompany with medium weight dishes, roasted or
grilled meats, venison, braised veal, pastas with red sauces, mild
cheeses and walnuts.                                                          13.99

Pinot Noir
A dry wine with a full-flavored leaving the palate unleashed with
light, but bold flavor.  Accompany with veal, pork, vegetarian
dishes and salmon.                                                              19.99

A semi-dry wine creating an artistic rich undertone of toasted vanilla,
soft ripe spicy tannin, full-bodied flavor harboring aromas of ripe
berries, rose petals, cinnamon and espresso.  Accompany with grilled
meats, roasted lamb, pork tenderloin, baked pasta, mild cheeses and
wild game.                                                                            10.99

Sweet Pinot Noir
A semi-sweet wine with a full-flavored leaving the palate unleashed
with a fruity taste.  Accompany with veal, pork, poultry, vegetarian
dishes and salmon or a wonderful wine on it’s own.             19.99

A Native American wine rich, smooth and refreshing taste; offering
hints of dark berry and plum.  Accompany with red meats, strong-
flavored cheeses and pasta.                                                   10.99

Sweet Rosé
A sweet wine aged in oak keeping a full-bodied rose flavor rich and
spicy.  A great after dinner wine served with dessert.  Accompany with
mushroom based dishes, mild
cheeses, pastas, and chocolate or nut based
desserts.                                                                                 11.99

White Wine Listing

Sauvignon Blanc
A dry wine with zest, a medium-bodied flavor with aromas of crisp
citrus and green fruit.  Accompany with turkey, chicken, seafood or
sushi, smoked cheeses, creamed soups and green
salads.                                                                                    12.99

A dry wine, full-bodied, creamy rich with a lush buttery taste.  Aromas
of tropical fruit, vanilla, carmel, lightly toasted, delicate and easy to
drink.  Accompany with rich foods, shellfish, seafood, poultry, veal,
pork, and toasted nuts.                                                          10.99

A semi-dry wine light-bodied with a complex aromatic hints of floral,
apple, pears, peaches and honey.  Accompany with seafood, crab,
smoked salmon, pan-seared trout, duck and goose and
sauerkraut.                                                                             12.99

Muscat Canelli
A sweet wine, full-bodied with a balance of sunny-citrus and
fruity floral taste; overwhelming aromas of melons, apples,
peaches, and ripe pears.  Accompany with mild cheeses,
sweet and sour poultry or pork, shrimp, lobster, seafood
and fresh fruits                                                                       10.99

A sweet white wine made from clusters of red grapes, offering an
intense, bold flavor passionate with fruits of melons, berries and
plums.  Accompany with outdoor grilled, smoked, BBQ steaks or
chops, seafood, pastas, poultry, fowl, pork, and strongly-flavored
cheese, such as pepper-jack cheese; the most versatile of
wines.                                                                                      10.99

A blend of white and red wines, offering a fruity sweetness across the
palate followed by bolder finish of the red wine blend.  Accompany
with poultry, poached salmon, seafood, vegetarian dishes, pastas,
salads, mild cheeses, and desserts.                                       10.99

Fruit Wines

Blackberry Table Wine
A semi-sweet, delicious fruit wine; rich and intense with bold flavor
and color of wild vine sun ripen blackberries.  Accompany with spicy
food and cheeses or with dessert.

Peach Table Wine
A sweet white wine; fruity to the nose and taste.   Flavorful hints of
floral, peach and citrus.  A fun wine to drink either before dinner or by
itself, anytime.  Accompany with smoked dishes, mild and strong
cheeses, appetizers.                                                               10.99

Cherry Table Wine                                                                 
A semi sweet, spicy, cider tasting wine.  A flavor and aroma
of moms homemade cherry pie with pumpkin spice. Fun and
flavorful served either warm in the winter or chilled in the
summer.                                                                                  10.99

A sweet wine, a festive blend of fruit wine and natural juices.
An appealing and pleasurable flavor on your pallet
accompanied with spicy nachos, cheeses and guacamole.     10.99

Port-Style Wine

Decano Regalo
A port style, Brandy fortified aged in oak offering a either pecan or
hazelnut flavor with a chocolate finish.                                     14.99

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